Random Acts of Flowers Celebrates 10 Years of Delivering Hope and Encouragement

A decade ago, Random Acts of Flowers (RAF) made its first official delivery. With a strong vision and a simple mission, co-founders Larsen and Adrian Jay started what has become a nationwide phenomenon. Over the past ten years, Random Acts of Flowers has delivered more than 340,000 bouquets of recycled flowers to individuals in hospitals, assisted [...]

The Brightest Week at RAF Tampa Bay (Bobby Lewis, WTSP, 6.19.19)

"This week, RAF Tampa Bay is going to 800 [deliveries]. They're more than doubling their efforts, because the problem is so great. More than 5.7 Americans are living with Alzheimer's right now. Admittedly, they may not remember that the flowers showed up today, but when they notice them on the bedside table, they'll remember that [...]

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Coolbot keeps RAF Silicon Valley Flowers Ready for Delivery

"The trick to keeping flowers fresh and beautiful is keeping them cool. Proper temperature control is even more important when flowers are recycled. And it can be a major challenge, particularly in the summer, where temperatures in Silicon Valley average in the 80s. 'Our workshop isn’t well ventilated,' Fairclough says. 'There aren’t any windows. During [...]

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Once the Flowers Arrive, the Real Magic Begins. (The Flyer Group, 11.10.2017)

Once the Flowers Arrive, the Real Magic Begins (The Flyer Group, 11.10.2017) by Sara Nahrwold In just one year, Random Acts of Flowers Indianapolis has delivered more than 17,000 flower arrangements to the area’s most vulnerable residents in hospitals, nursing homes and hospice facilities. The organization already has its eyes on year number two. “It’s [...]

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Indianapolis Colts’ Jabaal Sheard Delivers Flowers To Breast Cancer Patients (Colts.com, 10.25.17)

Indianapolis Colts' Jabaal Sheard Delivers Flowers To Breast Cancer Patients (Colts.com, 10.25.17) Tuesday was a day off for Colts linebacker Jabaal Sheard – his only day off of the week. He could have spent it any way he wanted to. But what he wanted to do was spread happiness. “I know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month [...]

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